Madmax Cricket

Game home screen

This is a cricket simulation game that generates realistic match results depending on player capabilities and a number of other conditions.

It is an interactive statistics based game that simulates a cricket match played between any two teams

The demo package also includes a local ASP site through which user can view player, team and ground statistics, match and series results, team positions in the current series, squads of the next series, latest news and more.

Screen Shots

Game home screen
Select game type
Team selection screen
Top batting performances
Top bowling performances
Classic matches
Madmax ratings
Player's bowling list
Batting partnerships
Player's batting list
Team batting in selected series
Forthcoming matches
Select team to view player details
Team batting details
Team win/loss screen
  • Nagendra

    i could not able to install the package in my win7 box?

    it is failing gives an error like some path is wrong regarding .mdb file??